Article 1: Fields of application: the following general conditions apply to all orders placed on the website: ou The CGV will be those in effect at the date of confirmation of the order

Article 2: General conditions: the general sales conditions decribe the rights and obligations of the society La compagnie des hommes and its customers as part of all trade. Orders placed and validated to society la compagnies des hommes therefore applies membershipe not subject to the buyer with these terms sales.

Article 3 : Price : the price of the goods ordered are thoses in effect at the date of the order validation. Transportation costs are included dals the sale price ans are valid for France. the society la compagnie des hommes agrees to change its prices at any time,but agrees to change the goods ordered at the prices indicated during the validation of the order.

Article 4 : Discount : no discount is granted in case of advance payment.

Article 6 : Delivery : the goods will be sent to the clienthe  once the settlement cashed.agrees to refund any purchaser who requests it if it was not delivered within 12 weeks from the validation ans confirmation of the order accompanied by payment. the buyer must be specified when ordering any indication to assist in the delivery. Delivery in mainland France :delivery is provided by the postal service. Delivery outside France: see conditions  special. At the time of delivery,buyer shall ensure that the goods were not damaged. Where appropriate the buyer must refuse delivery,or make any necessary reservation on the purchase receipt to delivery of such goods. these reserves should be also confirmed to La compagnie des hommes within 5 days after delivery.

Article 7 : Major force : La compagnie des hommes can not be held liable for the breach of contract,to the occurrence of an event of force majeure. Force majeure means any event outside,unforeseeable and irresitible to the meaning of section 1148 civil code. 

Article 8 : Retraction/ return/ security in accordance with article L.121-20  and seq of the consumer code,you have a periode of 7 working days from the date of confirmation of your order to cancel itdeterioration on delivery: if the delivered goods were demaged during transport,the customer is entitled to refuse delivery,subject to formulate the reason for the return of the delivery of the goods on receipt.the  refusal of the goods upon delivery to La compagnie des hommes involves the repayement of the order of the buyer.

article 9 : the competent court : any dispute concerning the interpretation ans enforcement of the se general condition of sale is subject to France law . Failing amicable settlement, the dispute shall be brought before the Paris Commercial Court.

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